Sunday, September 14, 2014

*Why use lacto-fermented probiotic food?

Sometimes we have sourdough bread (150 thb 900 gr) and most of the time, we have Tempeh (70 thb 300 gr).
*Sauerkraut (500 gr) 125 thb: with juniper berries and flax seed.
Lacto-fermented pickled organic cabbage, high in choline (
Sauerkraut is the MOST probiotic pickle we have right now : very good for detox and to lower your bad cholesterol.
Expiry date: about 8 weeks (exact date is on the label). This should be ordered one week in advance!

*Gherkins (500 gr) 125 thb: these are big dill pickles. 
We add garlic,  ginger, black  pepper, natural sea salt and a lot of fresh and dried herbs.
Very healthy for your digestive track and also very good for the kidneys. 
Our gherkin pickles are very mild, so it is a good pickle for beginners :).

Expiry date: about 8 weeks (exact date is on the label).

*Our distribution :
- in Bangkok:
*If you live close to Onnut, you can order it directly from us, pick up at Onnut Soi 30.
*If BTS Nana is easier for you, every  Friday, I organize an event from the Bangkok Wine Club in the Landmark Hotel (BTS Nana)  at 17.30, so we can meet at 17.20 in the hotel lobby, but please advise me a few days in advance. Thx :P


  1. How do I order? I don't see anywhere on your site to place an order and arrange pickup.

  2. Would like to buy Tempeh Starter